Salmon Rivers Of Scotland

Scotland's salmon rivers are set amongst naturally beautiful landscapes which were formed during the last ice age by glacial movement from which rain water & snow melt travels from the mountain tops to the coasts via perfect gravel & boulder strewn riverbeds. It is in these gravel beds that they lay their eggs through the Winter months in order to restart the Atlantic salmon life cycle of these magnificent creatures. The juvenile salmon will hatch from their eggs during late Spring when the water warms. These juvenile salmon will feed in the river for typically 2 to 4 years before their mass decent to the sea. Once in the sea they will migrate to the rich feeding grounds off Greenland & the Faroes Islands before returning back to their native river typically after 1 to 4 years at sea. Pursuing Atlantic salmon via a salmon fishing vacation in the most scenic and famous rivers of Scotland is the result of this amazing creature's life journey.

Salmon Fishing Guides In Scotland

During your salmon fishing holiday you will have the opportunity to meet famous and up and coming professional salmon fishing guides who have made a career out of salmon fishing due to their love of the salmon & the rivers of Scotland. These men are life servants of our traditional salmon fishing sport and great life long relationships can be the bi-products of such unions. Salmon rivers in Scotland can be different in appearance from the colour and size of the stones on the river bank to the native tree clad riverbanks and mountains. Certain areas of each individual river can be different in appearance and composition depending on whether there's a rock or clay river bed terrain the river is flowing over at that point. Indeed some of the River Tay as an example flows through a narrow gorge rock shelved river bed in its lower regions yet only a few miles upstream where the valley opens up huge gravel riverbanks have formed naturally and shallower streamier water exists. These are typical attributes that make Scottish salmon fishing so fascinatingly varied.

Learning To Fish For Scottish Salmon

Scotland's salmon fishing rivers are naturally beautiful and will captivate your mind via the fantastic scenery & hypnotic effect of the eddies & riffles of the stream. From early Spring to late Autumn each individual salmon fishing day is unique and normal work day to day duties will quickly be forgotten as you focus on the beautiful surrounding nature and likely areas of the river where salmon can be seen and caught. There are many skills to learn in salmon fishing and the amazing things is that you never stop learning due to the sometimes unpredictable nature of the salmon. Once you've mastered the basics of the sport then 'time in' becomes equally as important as 'timing'. Guided salmon fishing packages are available on the bir 4 Scottish salmon river. Follow this link for detailed information on hiring a River Tay salmon fishing guide. The River Dee is also a great Scottish salmon fishing venue and follow this link for hiring a River Dee salmon fishing guide.

Catching Salmon In Scotland

Sometimes catching wild Atlantic salmon in the rivers of Scotland can be the easiest thing to do and at other times it can be exceptionally tricky. It is during the tough times that experience plays a major part in succeeding. Experience like any other thing in life only comes after time has been invested. Regardless of where you currently are with the sport I'd suggest that a subtle low expectation approach coupled with a high persistency level will at some point pay off. Listening to advice from a professional Scottish salmon fishing guide as to where to focus your fishing attentions coupled with careful riverbank movement with minimal disturbance while wading always provides a much better chance of success. When your faith levels are running high then usually in turn a salmon will show up at some point during the fishing day. Follow this link for the very best Scottish salmon fishing beats where customer service and salmon beat management are at the best level.

The Best Salmon Fishing Approach

When it comes to catching salmon in Scotland there can be no guarantees even though your chances will be high. Many factors govern the success of the Scottish salmon angler such as water levels, fish numbers present, riverbank movement, fly & lure choice, ghillie's advice and general persistency levels of the fisher so it is crucial that you tune into the 'entire experience' and breath in all you see around you as you fish. Often it is during this state of defocussed scenery observation that our 'Salmon God' will smile on you !

River Tay Salmon Fishing

The River Tay is Scotland's largest and most famous bid fish river. The Tay has a long salmon fishing season from mid January to mid October each year and always has good water levels due to its huge headwayer loch fed status. Follow this link for detailed information on River Tay salmon fishing beats and this link if you require a professional River Tay salmon fishing guide.

River Dee Salmon Fishing

The River Dee is a truly fantastic north east coast salmon fly fishing river.The River Dee salmon fishing season runs from early February to the end of September each year and if fed by snow melf from the Cairngorm Mountains for most of the fishing season. Follow this link for more information on River Dee salmon fishing and this link if you require a professional River Dee salmon fishing guide.

River Spey Salmon Fishing

The famous River Spey resonates throughout the world as the home of the Spey cast which is a perfect way to present a salmon fly to the river when you've no room for an overhead cast. The Spey is open from early February to the middle of October each year and is indeed one of Scotland's true gem salmon fishing venues. Folow this link for more information on River Spey salmon fishing and this link if you require a professional River Spey salmon fishing guide.

River Tweed Salmon Fishing

The famous lowland River Tweed is renowned as a fantastic Autumn salmon fishing river and has one of the very longest salmon fishing seasons which runs from early February through to the end of November each year. Follow this link for more details on River Tweed salmon fishing or this link for information on hiring a professional River Tweed salmon fishing guide.

Salmon Fishing Gift Vouchers

Treating a colleague or loved one to a Scottish guided salmon fishing experience makes an excellent & truly memorable gift. Follow this link for detailed information on our salmon fishing gift voucher service which covers the four big Scottish salmon rivers Tay, Dee, Spey & Tweed. Please note that all of our guided Scottish salmon fishing experiences are delivered by 'time served' professional salmon fishing guides with decades of daily salmon fishing experience. Follow this link for a detailed breakdown of how we perceive a professional salmon fishing guide.


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